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Recent trends show that employees staying with companies or manpower outsourcing firms for less time than it used to be earlier. According to recent studies, professionals believe changing roles (or “job hopping”) every few years’ in the lure of awards benefits like higher pays, advancement in opportunities, and with send of increased skill development.

As an employer by fine-tuning your approach towards employee engagement, you may reverse the current and seek top talent retention for your organization or manpower outsourcing firms.

In this article, Ms. Kanika Kohli Mahajan CEO Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) talks about 7 ways to tap into your employees’ enthusiasm, get they engaged, and foster their potential for future growth and development.

Changing Your Mind-Set On Employee Retention

Retention policies are critical for engaging and retaining employees. However, these policies should be reflective of the requirements of your organization. Listen to your employees and then focus on retention plans revolving based on feedbacks, flexibility, well-being, and things that matter to them the most. If you do this way, you’ll see more motivated, happy employees and this can be reflected in their accomplished works.

Improving the Onboarding Process

A change in mindset requires an alteration in process. Start at the very beginning when an employee is engaged with examining the onboarding process, observe whether it sets the employee’s mood up for achieving success. Consider whether the onboarding process focuses primarily on job responsibilities part or rather employing a systematic approach consisting of job duties, aligned with company vision, and based on workplace culture. An all-inclusive onboarding plan seeks to support employees to feel a sense of belonging, which in fact leads to better employee engagement, productivity, and retention at company or manpower outsourcing firms.

Clarifying Your Expectations

Employees seem to be disengaged for reasons other than factors such as compensation—one of the big malefactors being having expectations not clarified with employees. When an employee is not clear on what is expected of them, it won’t be able for them to know whether they’re succeeding or failing in their assigned roles. Clarifying expectations may change the dynamics. Sharing the specific parameters of success, you’ll see better off employees who enthusiastically get things done effectively and efficiently.

Start Trusting Your Employees

Once you clarify expectations, let your employees take ownership of accomplishing their assigned work. Freedom is given to them shows that you trust them, which in return improves work relationships and add up securing the employee’s loyalty. While doing an important thing to consider is that each employee is unique—some may outshine others with almost unrestricted sovereignty, while another may need regular follow-ups and seek your approval to go ahead.

Communicating With Employees Regularly

Through regular communication, trust maybe build. Maintain transparency about the company: where it is currently and where you envision to project it to be in the future. Listen to them. When employees realize that you do hear and act upon their feedback and appreciate their contributions through ideas, they tend to enthusiastically share them regularly. They are more likely to stay longer with an organization that grows and is dynamic in response to their inputs.

Giving Personalized Praises

If you want to endorse employees on their skills and abilities, start giving them personalized applauses which are related to the responsibilities and projects they are handling. Furthermore, start focusing on efforts rather than talents, manpower sourcing experts say as this lead “encouraging employees to learn and grow, rather than simply staying focusing on one or two things that come easy to them.” It is your praises that have potential that can inspire the employee to make efforts on the things that matter the most to them, like applying for a new position within the company or spearheading a project or program.

Offering Growth Opportunities

No matter what size of your business is, you can offer ongoing employee training, learning, and development. Inviting local clients periodically to come and have a talk about their businesses and experiences with employees. Additionally, you may also encourage employees to attend local networking and learning events and seminars. Assist employees to expand their responsibilities too, especially when it seems that they may be leveling out with their current duties. By nurturing a mindset of exploration and development, you can encourage your employees to invest in their current roles and prepare them to move up within the company.

About TFTS

Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) is India’s fastest growing specialized staff and labour outsourcing company that currently service to some of India’s biggest organizations like – DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), Bajaj Automobiles, Reliance Infrastructure, Haldirams, HCL and more. Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services is also the leading specialized labour outsourcing company to the manufacturing units in SIIDCUL (State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd) and Jaipur World City. It recruits, do payroll management and outsource technical staff, manufacturing staff, labour licensed workers, ITI qualified personals – those who are difficult to find in large volume, locally near the manufacturing units. Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Feb 2002 as a Private Ltd Company on the intrinsic core value of Responsible, Responsive and Dedication of a Defence Services Officer at the helm as its Promoter. The company’s Strategy is that of a Solution Centric Organisation where, instead of enumerating the mere services being on offer, the Focus is on the Clients, their Needs and How the Services being offered can be linked to provide value-enhancing solutions for the Clients.

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