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Numerous times managers in an organization or a manpower outsourcing firm are in a dilemma to choose between getting things done from a team which is under his/her organizational or manpower outsourcing firm hierarchy and maintaining the work-life balance of self and teams. Also, they are in tremendous pressure to prove their leadership abilities.

 In this article, Ms. Kanika Kohli Mahajan CEO Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) talks about 7 ways to be a better manager.

Being a manager is a skill that can be learned. And by acquiring this skill not only one enhances his or her professional traits but also enhances one’s personal sphere and charisma.

1. Selection of Talent

The first challenge comes to a manager is selecting the best people for a given task. Often managers, who are given the role of a manager controlling or managing a team of people have to select the best out of a given pool of talents i.e. identifying and using people for a given set of tasks in an organization or a manpower outsourcing firm.

2. Motivators Role

Managers often have to be in the role of a motivator that is how they tend to create their personal mark on their subordinates.

People often work for good pay, prestige or getting recognition for their work or their skills. They tend to be doing bad work or not completing a task in case they don’t feel motivated. It a challenge for managers, when a team that he/she manages doesn’t find any motivated or appreciated in an organization or a manpower outsourcing firm.

3. Team Building

Often it’s not enough that a person is motivated to succeed. A person in a team needs to be made responsible and professionally as well as psychologically aligned to an organizations vision. They should be taking pride for being contributing as a participating team member. Until unless a manager maintains this team spirit –he or she can’t think of being a successful and effective manager.

4. Leadership Ability

A manager by de facto has to lead a group of diverse team members with different abilities and disabilities which has to be working towards the achievement of common organizational goals.

As a leader, a manager tends to be in a situation leading his team in situations wherein internal as well as external strategic situations decisions are impending. Even where is there a conflict or a lesser amount of motivation amongst its team member in an organization or a manpower outsourcing firm, he/she has to take the lead and guide the team towards striding forward?

5. Good Communicator

Being a good communicator is considered to be a manager’s greatest skills.

It lies in the communication facilities that he or she has acquired during his professional life journey. It’s the biggest failure or a disadvantage in case a leader is not able to communicate his visions or pour out his heart relating to his vision aligned to the organization’s mission to the team members.

Communication skills can be improved through regular practices and by acquiring knowledge about a specific field, which often comes with working experience of a manager in an organization or a manpower outsourcing firm.

6. Keeping a tap on Money

The most important part of managers is to keep a tap on the financial aspects of the business.

As a manager, he or she is expected to be a profit center rather than being a cost center for the business. “Time is money”. And, it’s often said that a good manager and an effective manager is a one who accomplishes projects in a given specific period of time. Completion of projects within the timelines is one of the biggest challenges as each delay in the project, timelines mean revenue loss and undue expenditures and it is considered to be the greatest skills a manager can use is effective management or a manpower outsourcing firm.

7. Enhancements in Knowledge

Managers are often considered to be above the league of rest considering the fact that they are in their position due to their excellence in their domains.

Somewhere this can cause arrogance in some manager, which can lead to resistance to learning or acquiring knowledge in their respective field. Enhancing knowledge through reading and learning ultimately tend to add value to a managers professional as well as personal character.

About TFTS

Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) is India’s fastest growing specialized staff and labour outsourcing company that currently service to some of India’s biggest organizations like – DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), Bajaj Automobiles, Reliance Infrastructure, Haldirams, HCL and more. Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services is also the leading specialized labour outsourcing company to the manufacturing units in SIIDCUL (State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd) and Jaipur World City. It recruits, do payroll management and outsource technical staff, manufacturing staff, labour licensed workers, ITI qualified personals – those who are difficult to find in large volume, locally near the manufacturing units. Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Feb 2002 as a Private Ltd Company on the intrinsic core value of Responsible, Responsive and Dedication of a Defence Services Officer at the helm as its Promoter. The company’s Strategy is that of a Solution Centric Organisation where, instead of enumerating the mere services being on offer, the Focus is on the Clients, their Needs and How the Services being offered can be linked to provide value-enhancing solutions for the Clients.

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