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Indian employees are a troubled group. Irrespective of whether they are tired of autocratic managers or disappointed by low wages, less than half of the employees in India are happy with their employment. A fifth of individuals is so unhappy with the present work situation that they wish to quit in the following year. Some of these unhappy working employees might be regular complainers, while some are likely genuine who are covertly planning their escape from the workplace, unknown to their boss.

As per a survey, 59% of the Indian employees plan to leave their jobs in the next 12 months. Organizations are spending a great amount of money to replace employees, in any event, some of whom are likely star performers who may have been influenced to stay if working conditions were a way different.

What’s forcing good employees to look for their fortunes somewhere else? From low wages to inept bosses, here India’s leading manpower outsourcing expert, Ms. Kanika Kohli, VP, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) stresses 5 reasons why good employees leave their employment.

They Are Not Paid Well

Low wages are the main reason best employees quit their jobs, a survey shows around 10,000 working adults in eight distinct nations, including the USA, found. Approximately seventy-five percent of individuals said negligible or non-existent wage increments would force them tidy off their resume, as per the survey.

After meager raises, not having open doors for progress was the second-most-basic reason individuals had for quitting their jobs. About 74% of individuals said they would start searching for another job on the off chance that they felt they’d hit the ceiling at their current organization. A remote possibility of promotion will probably trouble parents than childless employees.

They Are Being Exploited

“Best employees never quit jobs, they quit bosses”. Survey says this isn’t a business proverb. Half of the employees have left a workplace eventually in their profession since they couldn’t stand their bosses or supervisors, a 2015 Gallup survey found. What influences individuals to hate their manager? Not being interested in questions, not defining objectives and roles, and not focusing on employee’s qualities are the signs of a pathetic manager, as per Gallup’s survey.

Sometimes management issues go further than a contention with your immediate boss. 41% of more than 10,000 latest job changers surveyed by LinkedIn said they had left their previous employment since they were not satisfied with the leadership of senior administration.


People don’t want to think they are locked into a groove and will come to the same place and do the same thing day in day out for the next 20 or 40 years. Best employees want to feel that they’re still moving forward and growing in their professional life. They want to have something to aspire to. If there’s no career path or structure for advancement, they know they will need to seek it somewhere else. In the meantime, they’re far more likely to be bored, unhappy, and resentful things that impact performance and the entire team’s morale.

 Lack Of Recognition

Even the most selfless people want to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done. It is part of who we are as human beings. When you fail to recognize employees more so your best employees you’re not only failing to motivate them but also missing out on the most effective way to add great performance. Even if you don’t have the budget for raises or bonuses, there are lots of low-cost ways to provide recognition-and a word or an e-mail of appreciation is free. People won’t care if they don’t feel noticed.

Excessive Hierarchy

Every workplace needs structure and leadership, but a rigidly top-down organization makes for unhappy employees. If your best employees know they are expected to produce without sharing their opinions or ideas, and they are not empowered to make decisions, they are constantly having to defer to others on the basis of their designation rather than their expertise, they don’t have much to be happy about.

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