4 Tips to Effectively Manage Outsourced Creative Talent

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Generally in the initial phases, when an organization starts to outsource their manpower, sometimes some of them complains that it’s little difficult to manage Outsourced manpower talent, particularly the creative and very talented kinds, who have unique personalities and peculiar character traits that demands a flexible management style.

Speaking on this matter, India’s leading manpower outsourcing expert, Ms. Kanika KohliVPTrendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) shares 5 tips to effectively manage outsourced highly talented candidates.

Personal Communication

It’s always important that managers set up clear communication channels with their outsourced manpower. Commonly the communication happens over email with a weekly or fortnightly call. This may cause a sense of alienation among outsourced talents and loss of interest overwork. To overcome such problem managers should try to interact and physically meet the person

Treat them as your own employees

Don’t treat outsourced employees as outsiders, they are very part of your business environment. Hence invite them to a company party or get together. Wish them on birthdays and festivals when appropriate. These little and simple gestures will go a long way in boosting a relationship of mutual trust and respect with your creative talent who is a freelancer.

Respect Their Efforts:

An organization should try to appreciate and treat the outsourced employee’s efforts is the same way as they treat their in-house employees. If there is a custom of celebrating a successful project completion for in-house employees, organization should follow the same rule for outsourced employees.

Build Relationships:

Remember attempts to put toward building a relationship with outsourced talent will have a greater return in value. People work with determination for people they like. It’s that simple and doesn’t take much effort either.  As a manager, if you take them out for a cup of coffee occasionally or send them a greeting over the holidays, you will gain a lot more than what you have invested in an outsourced manpower creative talent. Believe it, if you build a relationship with your outsourced manpower talent, missed deadlines, and poor quality work may rarely arise.

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