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Selecting a candidate for the key senior management position in India is a challenging task. Because hiring a manager is not just hiring another employee with specific set of skills, a good senior or middle level manager is someone who can understand company’s values, bring new ideas, communicate and coordinate well with directors and other leadership positions, can well manage clients, and most importantly they should be good leaders.

That is why hiring middle and senior managers is a challenging task and it involves good recruitment skills & experience to do the rightful selection. Especially for small and medium-sized Indian companies – who (yet) do not fall under the dream place to work list, works with limited HR operation or sometimes operated with not dedicated HR division.

Talking on this matter, India’s leading manpower & licensed labor outsourcing company, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), Vice President, Ms Kanika Kohli share that hiring for a high-level position is one of the most important decisions for businesses. Making a mistake when hiring top management positions can cost a business more than just money—it can have a detrimental effect on company as a whole, making or breaking it. Here are some important tips to hire top manager:-

1. TIME: First, take your time when hiring for these positions, because it is extremely important to find the right fit. Use a temporary solution if you need to, but plan to spend a few months or even six to find the right person.

2. NETWORKING: Start by networking, using your connections. You can also delegate the hiring’s initial and middle stage positions to an experienced manpower outsourcing company while you do the final interview yourself. Since you know best what characteristics and qualifications that this candidate should possess, you are also probably the best person to begin the search.

3. INVOLVEMENT: Lastly, for a big decision like this, you need to get your colleagues involved.  Create an executive search committee, gather input from those in your organization whose opinion you value the most, and delegate some of the legwork.

4. QUICK FINISHING: But once you’ve narrowed down the candidate pool, don’t stretch out the interview process.  The best candidates will be the quickest to find another job opportunity. If you want to hire the best then, once you’ve identified your candidates, schedule your interviews as soon as possible and finish the process as quickly as possible.  This way you’ll be able to compare candidates better because their answers will still be fresh in your mind.

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