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In today’s fast lifestyle maintaining self-motivation in professional and personal life is becoming quite a challenge for most of the people. Daily traffic congestion, mounting EMIs, parenting pressure, professional competition and other factors have put Indian workforce under huge challenge to keep them motivated in their workplace.

A demotivated employee is not only bad for an organization but it’s extremely dangerous for the person as demotivated mindset gradually builds stress and anxiety in the mind and that results in Blood pressure issues, diabetics, and heart troubles.

Today India’s leading manpower outsourcing Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), Vice President, Ms Kanika Kohli shares some important tips for employees to keep themselves motivated in profession life


In India, a lot of people are working in a professional area that does not appeal to them.  As an individual, a person must sit and do a self-analysis, identify the work that motivates the person. Then he/she must identify, plan and work hard, required to shift from current professional to the desired one. Doing work that is interesting and fulfilling is one of the best ways to ensure you’re staying engaged and motivated.

Analyse your surrounding

A huge percentage of the population keeps themselves bothered, worried and stress on matters that they just can’t control. Hence prior letting yourself get irritated and bothered on issues, analyze the issues and check if you have any control on it or not. If you have any control then work on that part, else learn to ignore and accept that the situation is not your control.

Remember every day there are things that probably irk you, but don’t let those negative feelings sap your motivation. One way to drive out the negative feelings is to stay focused on achieving your own goals and your priorities.

Read daily

Job insecurity and future worries are one of the common stress contributors in Indian workforce. Remember the best way to keep yourself updated to the market and keep improving your knowledge is to make sure you carve out time in your day to read. The most successful people in the world attribute their success to reading a lot of books. Developing a daily reading habit is one thing that’s likely to have a long-lasting impact on your thought processes, ultimately inspiring you in all areas of your life.

Set a time for a break

When you find yourself low on motivation, pushing through may not be the answer to getting your best work done. Take a 15-minute break. You’ll feel more refreshed and more productive when you allow yourself some downtime.

Communicate with productive people

Sometimes having a small conversation with one of your peers can perk you up for your next meeting or task. Associating with productive individuals allows you to observe and pick up some of their healthy productivity hacks. And because productive employees tend to be more positive, you may catch some of that too.

Learn a new skill

Identify a skill relevant to your current role that interests you, and pitch the idea to your boss. Especially if it’s something that will benefit the company, they might even be willing to fund your training or allow you to use work time to develop it. It’s a win for you to add value to the employer, while also adding value to your marketability.


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