Do You Know What is Trending in Manpower Outsourcing in 2018?

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2018 has come up with all new technological trend in India business environment there has been too much talking in the friend of artificial intelligence, employee connectivity with business, the growth of automation and growing online and mobile engagement of employee and customers.  So what Indian business should expect to happen in the field of manpower management? Ms Kanika Kohli, Vice President of Northern India’s number one manpower outsourcing company Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) today shares the expected manpower outsourcing trend in 2018 in Indian business environment.

Keep switching to the cloud

The manpower outsourcing job involves quick access to data from outsources. And today there is no better technology than CLOUD computing to data access  Not only accessing data from cloud reduces the email loop of asking information and then wait for the response and so on, cloud also offers optimized operational speed and security. Hence 2018 will witness more shift to cloud computing in manpower outsourcing sector.

More use of Social media and digital marketing for recruitment

Social media is everywhere, not just Facebook and Instagram, business-focused platforms like LinkedIn – where members can show their professional skill and talents will witness more use of social media in the process of recruitment. Apart from social media, 2018 would witness businesses focusing on establishing their brand online positions to attract talent.  Hence this year lot of digital marketing work would be done in the field of manpower acquisition.

Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience

With increasing transparency and information availability from all across business environment due to digitalization and expanding internet usage, in 2018 new generation employees would be expecting a more engaging and enjoyable work experience. Hence this year leaders would possibly focus more on developing the “Employee Experience”, i.e. an ecosystem that integrates three core dimensions: engagement, culture and performance management. This new focus will drive leaders to examine their employee journey map and optimize it much as customer experience teams do for customer journeys.

Emergence of ‘Gig Economy’

Economists across the world are now gradually witnessing ‘Gig Economy’ a term used to define a define a labour market that has more short-term contracts or freelance work as compare to permanent jobs. 2018 India too would witness an increase in temporary and short-term employment over permanent jobs.  This trend would be fuelled due to low costs involved in on-demand and outsourced hiring.



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