How to Select the Best Manpower Outsourcing Company for Your Manufacturing Unit?

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For several reasons, including cost savings, enhance production levels, getting external experts who can share burden & responsibility for accounting and law regarding labour, fulfill manpower needs – Indian middle and big size manufacturing and service provider companies outsource their manpower needs.

On the other hand, the success of the decision to outsource company’s manpower depends to a large extent on identifying the right outsourcing solutions for the business or in other words selecting the right manpower outsourcer or HR contractor that suits your business needs. So how will you select the right manpower outsourcing company for your organization?

Ms. Kanika Kohli, Vice President of Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), largest outsourcers of specialized manpower and licensed labour to northern India says important tips on how to select the best manpower outsourcing company for your business.

1. 360 Degrees Solution Provider:   Seek out a manpower provider that can offer total solutions, from recruitment, to payroll management, compiling with tax and labour law for outsourced manpower etc.

2. Certified company: Check if the manpower outsourcing agency is ISO 9001 certified. When it’s ISO 9001 certified, you will know that the company has:-
• Has a quality policy
• Has a quality management system in place
• Has processes and procedures to conduct their operations
• Trains people to ensure they remain competent
• Has a maintenance system in place to take care of their equipment
• Goes through Internal and External Audits

3. Guarantees Punctuality: Select an HR contractor who guarantees accurate and on-time tax payments, payroll and pay deposits.

4. Relationships:  Seek out an HR company that maintains strong relationships with other trusted advisors such as Certified Public Accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals whose roles extend into the Human Resources area.

5. References: Seek out an HR management firm who can readily provide references from companies who have been longstanding clients and who can attest to the quality of service and benefits derived from the relationship.

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