Important Event Success Tips for Exhibitors & Fair Organizers in Delhi & NCR

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New Delhi is the hub of international events and fair that witness visits of celebrities, business bigwigs, politicians and thousands of visitors. A lot of work goes behind making these events successful and effective & efficient housekeeping and waste management is one of them.

Especially when events are organized on big locations like stadiums, fairground, concert grounds – keeping the area clean, managing proper waste management and getting the area ready for next day is an utmost important task.

According to Ms Kanika Kohli VP at Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), largest outsourcers of specialised manpower and licensed labour to northern India says there is nothing worse than having something go wrong during an event that could have been prevented, or having something go wrong that postpones or cancels the event. Improper waste management, not sufficiently cleaned exhibition or event ground, stinking toilets for the next day event and more can all make an event turn into a nightmare for the venue and your clients and their guests. Here are five cleaning and maintenance best practices that you need to employ now for your venue to be kept in tip-top shape so all events run smoothly.

1. Keep Your Grounds Clean and Maintained

This can’t be emphasized enough. No matter what season it is, grounds cleaning needs to be properly done. From picking every soda bottle, tissue paper to potato wrappers, it’s essential that you have a sparkling clean and nice looking ground. Events like cricket or football match, music concert, business exhibitions or trade fairs, ground is the first thing guests see, so a dirty and not well kept and litter ground can make the guest impulsive to leave the place as soon as possible – that severely damage organizer’s reputation as well as can result into failure of the event.

2. Get Your Venue in Tip-Top Shape with Detailed Cleaning

From carpet cleaning to floor scrubbing to window washing, a detailed cleaning of your venue will not go unnoticed by clients and guests. People notice how clean venue is, and they remember for a long time if it’s dirty. By giving it full detail cleaning like high dusting, reupholstering furniture that’s looking worn, and even washing the outside of the building and sidewalks can really bring your venue to the next level. Not only will it enhance the exhibitors and organizer’s reputation as being clean, but detailed cleaning can also lead to preventative maintenance or the spotting of potential disasters. This way, cleaning can help events to run smoothly and get people coming back time and time again to the venue and exhibition.

3. Pests Control

Don’t wait until a guest has seen a mouse and screams. Prior an exhibition or event inspected for signs of pests or better perform a pest control by professionals. Pest free venue can greatly improve not only the cleanliness of the venue but also people’s opinion. One bad opinion can lead to a lifetime of trouble for finding good regular business for venue management. Furthermore, word spreads fast in the event industry and if word gets out that your venue has a pest problem, it could seriously do some damage to your business.

4. Always Check the Toilets

Remember you may start the event with a sparkling clean toilet but as the event progresses, hour by hour the loos would go dirty and it would stink bad with heavy use. Hence make sure during the event regular cleaning of the washrooms is taking place and good cleaning materials and fresheners are used for the purpose.

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