What are the Unseen Advantages of Licensed Labour Outsourcing Services in India?

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We know that companies that outsource its labour demands are able to save both money and time. Outsourcing worker costs less as compare to organizing in-house hiring process PLUS it saves managerial hours that would otherwise be required for recruiting and training the on roll workers.

But that’s not all says Ms. Kanika Kohli, VP, Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), largest outsourcers of specialised manpower and licensed labour to northern Indian manufacturing units.

Ms. Kohli says that some of the biggest advantages that companies can avail when they outsource their licensed labour demands are:

Fewer disputes: Outsourced workers are generally not unionised, hence, industrial disputes are minimal.

Better productivity: Contract employees cannot compromise on productivity, quality, and good behaviour since continuance of their services depend upon these factors.

Lower expenditures: Salary bills can be minimised since they can be hired just by paying minimum wages.

Better discipline: if there is indiscipline, they can be sent home immediately by informing the contractor, if there is excess workforce due to economic recession their services can be withdrawn immediately by informing the contractor.

Plus outsourced labours respond positively to incentive schemes since their salaries are low.

From the employees’ point of view, when he cannot find a regular job of the company, he has the option to either join as a consultant in company rolls or become a contract employee.

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