Against The Ambitious ‘Make In India’, Indian  Manufacturing Sector faces Crucial Challenges

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The current ‘Make in India’ initiative launched to give the boost to different sectors like automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharma, textiles, engineering & manufacturing and others. The initiative aims to transform India from highly potential market to the powerhouse of manufacturing, thereby creating millions of job opportunities. In short, the campaign is conceived and designed to achieve multiple objectives and far reaching impact on the economy. However, Ms. Kanika Kohli, of Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS), which is India’s leading manpower outsourcing for manufacturing sector says, India still face certain crucial challenges in manufacturing sectors, like:

  1. Job-Skill Mismatch: Every year millions of young students graduate from popular courses like engineering medical, business studies but they are not equipped enough to work in the industry. According to FICCI and Ernst and Young, called Higher Education in India: Vision 2030 – 75% of IT graduates are deemed ‘unemployable’, 55% in manufacturing, 55% in healthcare and 50% in banking and insurance.
  1. Skills Labour unavailability: To find skilled labor matching the job requirements is a challenge in many parts of India. Lot of manufacturing units are remotely located and sometimes getting labor with specialized skills becomes difficult in the surrounding localities
  1. Power Shortage: lack of adequate power is still a challenge for Indian manufacturing sector. In a lot of manufacturing areas, power is not generally available 24 hours per day that impacts productivity and efficiency, and lower output rates, especially for the middle size and small manufacturers.
  1. Transportation and Logistics: India needs improvement in the area of transportation and logistics, which is expensive and slow in many rural parts of the country. It can take weeks to get products to the coasts from some places in India.

In addition to these challenges, Indian manufacturing industry also faces challenges from the red tape and corruption adds Ms Kohli. But despite these challenges, Indian industry continues to grow, which reinstates faith in the resilience of the economy. She says it’s the right time for India to fix these ground issues that will help to boost our manufacturing sector.



About TFTS: Trendsetters Facilities & Technical Services (TFTS) is one of India’s biggest specialized staff and labor outsourcing company that service to some of India’s top business houses like– DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), Bajaj Automobiles, Reliance Infrastructure, Haldirams, HCL and more.

Today TFTS tops in outsourcing of specialized labors in manufacturing units situated in SIIDCUL (State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd) and Jaipur World City. It recruits, does payroll management and outsources technical staff, manufacturing staff, labour licensed workers, ITI qualified personals – those who are difficult to find in large volume, locally near the manufacturing units.

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